Monday, August 29, 2005

Don't Funk with my Heart

Gary had a funny exchange with his female uni friend who he met over the weekend.

Lea: How's shane and alix?

Gary: They are ok, well.

Lea: How nice to speak to someone normal! Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. Now when i ask my friends a question like that, they start talking endlessly about their children then end up asking me when i am getting married, dont i want children?

Gary: How nice to speak to someone normal! If I answered like that to another mom, they will start asking me more questions about what my baby does, whether she's started to crawl and learn the alphabet. What type of father I am....

Lea: I have a good answer to that - next time someone asks, just say"biological" and that's really fine ! Biological really exceeds the bar now... you've stucked around and the child wasnt fathered by someone else!


Gary: So how's Tim? (lea's roomate)

Lea: Oh i'm moving to sydney with him.

Gary: Oh....

Lea: According to him we were never apart . I did tell him i was shagging someone, but he said he was too....and frankly i dont care.

Gary: But you and him, never did anything?

Lea: Yah, i'm not even sure if he's straight or gay. But i'm in my 30's and i cant afford to be choosy.

Lea, she cracks me up.


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Refreshing. Nice layout. Simple to read. Doesn;t overload the eyes. Nice blog.

I particularly like the irreverance of this post.

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