Sunday, September 21, 2008

music education and why wear grass skirts according to G

So I just got myself a uke, inspired to learn how to play it after watching the awesomeness of what the legendary Israel Kamakawiwo Ole could do with this 4 string instrument in his hands.

I learnt some basic chords (off youtube again) and starting showing off my new skills to Gary.

G: Too fast. Slower. No, slower.
Me: So slow already.
G: You know why you have to play slow right?
Me: ....
G: The ukulele is from Hawaii and you know, Polynesians they sit at the beach and they play it really slow.
Me: ok
G: You know why?
Me: Because they are chill. Because they are at the beach!
G: No, not really.
Me: Then why?
G: They have to make the song LAST LONG. All day long, there is not much to do. So they make the song last as long as possible.
Me: ....
G: They also wear grass skirts. You know why?
G: Grass skirts mean no laundry. They don't even have to do laundry!

No one (not even youtube) does a better job explaining such things.


Anonymous imp said...

hehehhe. Gary's wisdom is indeed unbeatable.

3:05 AM  

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