Sunday, September 04, 2005

On Air

I was on Chinese radio on Friday evening. No kidding, station 95.8 at 6.45 pm!

On Gary's birthday on the 4th of May, he brought me to Harvey Norman's not to get himself a birthday present but to get me a gift for mother's day. (Aw, isnt he a sweetie?)

He bought a digital camera and heckled the saleswoman for a free gift. Keen to close on the purchase, the saleswoman offered us a lucky draw coupon in lieu of a free gift. You know, a chance to win something!

I filled up the lucky draw coupon and promptly forgot about it. That was, until Friday evening when I received the call from the radio deejay speaking in CHINESE.

My first reaction was annoyance. If someone calls you out of the blue and offers you something, then it must be a sales gimmick.

Are you trying to sell me a time share? The cheek of you to sound so confident when you're trying to sell me a time share!

Annoyance turned to curiosity:

You really are a radio deejay? My name was picked? Oh...I get it.

From my limited understanding, I gathered that she wanted me to take part in a contest for harvey norman vouchers on CHINESE NATIONAL RADIO.

I blubbered...I cant speak chinese well, let alone on NATIONAL RADIO to listeners who will KNOW.

Anyway, the radio deejay coached me. Just say this "I don't want to participate in the contest. I just want the money. And oh yes, please try to sound happy and excited."

Ok I can do that. Non-participation in the contest garners a 20 dollar harvey norman voucher. Rolling to to a larger amount would require answering further questions, and I would'nt attempt that. I can be that chicken hearted, voucher grabbing Singaporean on national radio.

They called me at the appointed time. After a while, I was on air. This was supposed to be a no-sweat affair, but I was sweating.

"So when did you visit Harvey Norman?"

I was so nervous, I blurted not in Chinese, but in English "August".

The deejay got the picture. Cut to where they invite me to take part in the contest. In my best chicken voice, I declared for the benefit of all on national radio

"I don't want to participate. I just want the money."

For all that embarassment, a 20 dollar harvey norman voucher is coming my way.


Blogger dimpel said...

hahahahahaha! (In chinese)
I'm seriously getting into this whole comment thing. Feel free to erase anything you want, seriously. Might just get out of hand... I actually feel like I'm having a conversation with you! COOOLL!!!!!!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Sell Time Share said...

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