Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Smoke gets in your eye

The fences have come down on an empty plot of state land near our home. In its place, a brand spanking new park with a sand pit and play equipment. Its just what I wanted. A safe place for the crayolas to run around while I sit, stoning on a stone bench. I should be happy but I don’t know why, I'm annoyed that I don't have a park to fight for anymore. Or cable for that matter.

After 3 years of waiting, I got a call from the cable guy last week “We’re ready to sign a contract for cable with you”. We set up the meeting right away and as I sat there picking out the channels, I realized that I no longer desired cable having lived without it for long enough. I wanted cable so bad, couldn’t get it even though I fought hard and now, we were getting back together after I got over cable.

I signed on anyway. Cable, I wish I knew how to quit you.


I bumped into someone from my past recently. We were never really an item but everyone in college thought we were an item.

R had a baby daughter recently. He proudly flashed me photos of his newborn in his camera phone. Realise that while we had not much in common when we were 17, we had something in common now. Baby-gushing. We would have made the ideal Singapore couple. With R, we'd just fixate on our offspring, live a sanitary all Singapore life in an executive condo, watch DVDs for entertainment, hang out with our old friends from college and have nothing to talk about except, our offspring.

It was hard not getting sentimental catching up. For a moment there, the smoke got in my eye. But then, as sure as the baby slide show ended, I was glad we left it just there.


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