Sunday, December 02, 2007


In the plane, I hooked up the crayolas to Dora the Explorer and started surfing the inflight entertainment channels for something to watch. I nearly fell off the seat when I found the movie 'Once'.

L told me about Once. She makes films so she's clued into the really good stuff. Interest piqued, I watched a few You Tube clips and started falling-rapidly-in-love with the pairing of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in the movie.

Glen Hansard is the sort of guy that my father never approved of but I always had a tendency to fall for. Scruffy. Lonely. Grungy street musician with zero real career inclinations. With nothing to offer except sad songs and a hunger to create something.

Marketa sings and plays the piano really well but downplays her talent so that Hansard takes the spotlight. In a troubled marriage, she starts to fall slowly. In the end, she chooses family unity before gratifying her own desires. She looks 18 (is about that age actually) but has gigantic adult sized responsiblities.

They are both poor and struggle to make a living. He busks in the streets. She cleans houses and sells flowers. Their first meeting is ackward. Their romance implausible. They never kiss and in the end they don't end up together. But what happens between them making music for that fragment in time, is better than xxx, better than kissing or having a relationship.


Blogger opus2 said...

happy endings do exist?

.. in real life, the two leads are now a couple.~!

3:11 AM  
Blogger carrie said...

Opus - yeah really nice they ended up together in real life after all that on screen chemistry. But I liked the ending in the film too.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Ivan Chew said...

You're the 2nd person raving about the film... seems worth watching. But for some reason, I'm resisting. Dunno why... maybe for fear that I'd end up irreparably influenced by the movie and I'd cave in to that part of me that never grew up and say "heck the world" and go pursue what I think is once-in-a-lifetime. Er, I qualify that I'm not talking about going after another woman!!! (was referring to the pursuit of what we feel is "right" by our definition, even if the rest of the world says 'No').

9:13 AM  

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