Thursday, August 20, 2009

First 21

Made it there just on time at 530. Started the first 1 or 2 km by following the pace of this girl who looked like she knew what she was doing but lost her on the incline at Sheares Bridge....By that time, i was thinking should I U turn? But it was too late! And there seemed to be no practical u turn points.

I had some sort of strategy to jog 9 minutes and walk 1 minute but the adrenaline of being with the crowd and the route march sounds of the pounding feet kept me going. I started walking a bit more after 10k. The U turn at East Coast Park seemed like it would never arrive but I saw the sun rise over the orangey tinted clouds....which was quite a beautiful sight.

Thought i would want to pee at the toilet stops at East Coast but by then, the urge to pee stopped. Has that happened to you? Want to pee, but lose that need to pee after you've sweated.

There was this guy who cut across my path suddenly causing me to trip and almost fall. Wanted to #$%^! at him but he ran off and I had no energy to yell at him.

The GOOD : It was quite well organised - I liked the stilt walkers and the drums. I tried to pysche myself that I was running and watching a street carnival. There were enough water stops and I had half a banana to eat at some point.

The BAD: sweaty army boys. Taking mrt home smelling like sweaty army boy.

The UGLY: There were some serious female runners I think who were aiming to run a fast 10k. They would CLAP very loudly if anyone got in their path and shove people aside. Very ugly.

What I found out about myself: I am a complete sucker for torture and pain! My legs felt like a ton after 15 km. But I sorta kept shuffling

Towards the last turn, with whatever i had, I tried to burst into a sprint. V tired but still pretend to finish strong.

Time 2:46


Blogger Jill said...

Well done, well done!! Keep going, and you'll find yourself signing up for the full marathon next year! (If you haven't already done so for this year ...)

Couldn't help laughing at the good-bad-ugly parts of your piece ... what irritated me was the tons and tons of army boys who were too lazy to run but who were walking two or three or four abreast and blocking the way. ... which is why the faster runners have to chase people out of the way ... and clapping is easier to do that shouting, and believe me, you'll be glad they didn't rub past you with a sweaty, slippery arm (will teach you that technique :-)

11:24 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

Thanks Jill :) I think those army guys were forced to run so they were determined to take it easy.

Don't tell me you deploy the sweaty arm technique yourself!

7:31 AM  
Blogger opus2 said...

woo hoo! awesome. Way to go and not give up. Keep on shufflin'! :) Dont' forget mental strength and willpower too. Many times I have to keep telling myself: "It's all mental strength". Cos otherwise i would just STOP.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

It was done to me once and I realised how gross it was. I think I returned the favour to a person blocking my way once :-)

8:22 PM  
Blogger zewt said...

stand chart marathon this dec!

5:50 PM  

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