Thursday, September 15, 2005

10 Reasons

this blog makes for BORING content:

1. Not bad-ass enough to swear on the world wide web
2. No drunken binges and sexploits to speak of
3. No babelicious photo of myself
4. No trash talking about the job because i love it. Really
5. No mouth watering pictures of food because my first impulse is to eat and not whip out a camera
6. No recipes to share because I don't cook
7. Mothering is my main preoccupation aside from watching home improvement programmes and the news at nine thirty
8. Ok, I don't get out much
9. The biggest challenge I'm facing right now is how to get cable tv
10. I'l probably go on and on about living in the 1980's


Anonymous ivan said...

Of course I remember you:

Granddaughter of Charlie,
Non-responder of emails,
Chinese singer of Wild Wild West
and mother of two.

Your site is not boring at all.

8:17 AM  
Blogger carrie said...

Thanks Ivan for dropping by! I'm so happy I found you again.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous ivan said...


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6:51 AM  

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