Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not Doing Right

Your are too young, will not understand or have a voice to protest when I tell you this.

Your mother is relying on the kindness of others to raise both of you. This is a kind way of expressing the current situation. For most of the day, you are left in the care of people who perform this role because they are paid money.

This is also known as
"Leaving it to the maid"
"Subcontracting the work of motherhood"
"Outsourcing to professionals"
"Throwing money at the problem"
"Not doing right by your child"

Call it what you will, your mother is not fulfilling her full time duty
because, because, because

She works

That's a nice simple explanation eh?
Except that its not.

She tucks you into bed at night
and leaves before you awake
Its only for the day, she says
the tears stream down your face

You ask if you can "go to work"
you dont know what that means
In turn she goes to work
without knowledge
without feeling
without seeing
your daily coordinates

What made you laugh
what made you cry
what new things did you do today?
Was that a dragonfly your teacher showed you?
Yes, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly
Planes fly up up !
How did you learn that blue is blue
and orange is orange?

Each day is a reunion
The magic time is seven
there is so much that she wants to catch up on
So little that you can say


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