Monday, May 29, 2006

Part 2

Like a demon possessed, I started scanning the MOE website for details on Primary One registration. Never mind that Shane is three years away from primary one registration, I heard that spaces were scarce in good schools and you had to start obtaining certain credits.

What is a good school? I reflected on my educational experience in a so-called elite all girls’ school. Personally, I felt like a social misfit in that school. I was very weak in maths and instead of receiving additional tutoring, the teachers pitied me and attributed my academic weakness to a crumbling family situation.

They asked me tragic leading questions which led to the inevitable conclusion that yes, my life was tragedy.

Teacher: Who looks after you?
Me: I look after myself.
Teacher: Who supervises your work?
Me: No one.
Teacher: Should I speak to your parents?
Me: [Silence]
Teacher: I want to speak to them both.
Me: But you only need to see one of them.
Teacher: I need to see them both separately because your parents are divorced.

I was weak in maths. That was normal. What I didn’t expect was to be treated abnormally.


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