Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cable update

At 3 am, I heard the crash and thunder of a large heavy vehicle making its way slowly to our home. The loud sound went on for 15 minutes then I heard its engine shudder to a stop.

Could it be?

I got out off bed and walked downstairs. In the moonlight, I saw an excavator parked outside my house. I did the happy dance in my pyjamas.

Its still early days. The tunneling works are going on right now. The cables will need to be laid and it will take 2 more weeks before we obtain crystal clarity of tv reception.

Ask me a week ago and I would have cussed and sweared as I told you about the fuzzy flickering reception of our 14 inch CRT. Now that the excavator is parked outside, it is delicious foreplay watching the dumpy 14 inch knowing full well, that it will be ditched in favour of a handsome hi def.

And boy, am I excited.


Blogger tiff said...

welcome to the real world carrie!!!

6:31 PM  

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