Thursday, June 15, 2006

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

In the living room:

Shane: Don’t love Alix
Me: Who is Alix’s mummy?
S: Outside [he points to the door]
M: No, I AM Alix’s mummy. But I love you two times [kiss, kiss] and I love Alix one time [kiss] ok?
S: ok

Just before bedtime in Shane’s room:

S: Don’t love Alix
M: How many times can I love Alix?
S: Two times [he shows me two fingers]
M: How many times do I love Shane?
S: Three times [three fingers]. I’m hungry, I want to eat biscuit.
M: Go down to the kitchen with Aunty Grace. I’ll put Alix to sleep.

Alix falls asleep, A short while later, Shane stumbles into bed.

M: Shane?
[He nods]
M: I love you three times
S: ok


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