Friday, September 01, 2006

2 years

Dear Pa

You who always distressed that I had bad tv connection, will be pleased to know that I just got cable connected.

In my bedroom, I’ve kept the footstool from your leather Eames chair. The leather is cracked and it must be as old as myself. I rest my feet on it when I watch TV. The TV is also yours - The 40 inch Sony projector. You loved watching TV. It was your favourite form of relaxation. At night, when I curl on the chair with my feet up, the comforting boom of the TV brings back my earliest memories of you - as a child piling into your bed,waiting for the Love Boat and making a tent under your blanket. Bringing in the newspaper in the morning and sharing the different sections. How you'd get annoyed when I hijacked my favourite parts of the paper.

The one thing I never got to tell you was whether it was a girl or boy. You had a grandaughter, pa. Her name is Alix and the sunshine she now brings in my life, I trace to you - the most important value you imparted quite apart from the education and upbringing was the warmth and joy of family love. In one big family bed, TV and newspapers, you're still with us.