Saturday, August 18, 2007

lost and found

Shane, we were supposed to see the National Day parade. We had two tickets! Not just preview tickets but actual day tickets. Someone won in a ballot and gave them to me. I couldn’t believe his generosity but I accepted the tickets gleefully. Fireworks. Goodie bags. Helicopter fly past. Just like Disneyland only free!

I brought the tickets home, kept them somewhere for safekeeping then completely forgot where I left them.

From excitement (getting the tickets), to desperation (losing them), I realized after several days of searching and scouring the entire house that there was really no sight of the tickets.

As the days to the NDP approached closer, the resignation set in. I stopped talking about the NDP so as not to raise your hopes and mine. I even convinced myself that it was too much trouble to go. So crowded. What if it rains. So torturous to sit for so many hours. Who wants to see fireworks?

The sour puss in me, so completely convinced myself that it was not worth watching the NDP that I avoided watching the telecast of the parade with you.

The 9th of August rolled by. The newspaper reports the next day screamed “first NDP at Marina Bay!” For every photo of a kid that I saw waving the tiny national flag on the ST, I actually felt a stab of regret and remorse that I had failed you as a mother. But well, I lost the tickets. I should just write it off.

The thing is, these things have its way to come back to bite you on your arse.

2 days ago, I found the tickets. I found them in all places, in my Bible. I had placed the tickets in there for safekeeping because I was shifting offices and my papers and files were everywhere. I would have found them, if I had just read my Bible! That was how long I had not opened my Bible.


I’ve left the tickets in there. 2 pristine perfect tickets to the NDP. Unused. Not just to remind myself of the NDP that I missed watching with you, but a physical reminder of what happens, when I don’t open the Bible to find the goodness in there. When I put other things, like fretting about the NDP and shifting offices, before my search for God. This was the bittersweet lesson.


Anonymous imp said...

wow. a timely reminder indeed.

7:34 AM  
Blogger opus2 said...

wow. what a story.

a lesson for us all too. the ratio of me thinking about reading the bible and actually reading the bible is about 10000:1

9:01 AM  
Blogger carrie said...

imp - yah, painful lesson too.

opus - i find it hard to be self motivated but that's just what it requires if you're honestly seeking.

2:03 PM  

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