Friday, September 16, 2005

Little cactus

Today, a friend come by to give some landscaping advice to the empty concrete deck in my home which is bereft of plantings. We had a good long discussion on what it means to have greenery in your home. Why its important to live with nature and what nature has to teach you.

I realised this when I was studying abroad and kept a lone cactus in my room. It was very small and was of some source of comfort when i felt more down than usual. I can't remember the last of it. I must have moved, left it somewhere or decided against bringing it back with me to Singapore.

But the memory of it is deeply etched, by this little ditty.

Little cactus
plump and green
please dont die on me

I've had you for two years now
water you every week

three inches tall
bravest plant that lives inside a pot
you'd agree its the sweet thing
that you've ever seen

solitude madness love abandonment
you've endured it all
that's why i think you're tops
you live whateve it is
it is
it is


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