Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fake Plastic Tree

Shane, we’re having a Christmas tree this year! Something you did last Christmas melted all my resolve against those fake plastic trees.

The first hint that Christmas had hit you hard was when you started to sing jingle bells. Your secular nursery taught you that song and you sang “jingle bells,jingle bells” whenever you saw a string of lights. Never mind if that string of lights was actually the large neon crabclaw outside the zhi char coffeeshop or the numerous KTV signs which dot Joo Chiat.

As Christmas rolled by, we cobbled a present for you - a cheapo China made radio controlled excavator which would greet you on Christmas morning. For a laugh, we got you a midget sized Christmas tree from the $2 shop which was as tall as the entire length of your palm. It had tiny red bows, and golden glitter. You carried the tiny tree everywhere and you fell asleep to it clutching it like a precious teddy bear.

That image of you clutching that tiny $2 tree and your eyes gleaming with that crazed christmas look, has haunted me to this day.

Right now, my BIG question is the Christmas tree we’re going to get. This is a big deal for me. In all my adult life, I have never decorated, dismantled or stored a Christmas tree! I can’t believe we’re going to expend money and electricity on something which does nothing except bring us an intangible feel-good. Do you know how CAMP this feels?

To some, big questions are “What am I going to do with my life, what will I do about my career and what is the next mountain to conquer?” Now, these are very (boring) important questions that you will have to contemplate later in your life.

For right now, I’m sure you agree that what really matters is - Pimping our Living Room for Christmas!!!

5 ft? 6 ft? Candy canes? Nutcracker theme? Where will we hang the socks?


Blogger tiff said...

Looking forward to seeing that xmas tree this year!!

6:59 PM  
Anonymous ivn said...

Oy... Such deep thoughts about how to zhng your Christmas tree...

But it's a good thing.

10:19 AM  
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