Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let them eat cake

2 weeks away from the real thing I told Shane that we will be celebrating his birthday soon. BAD IDEA. Every morning, he wakes up asking "Is it my birthday?" And I go "Not yet not yet". It is hard explaing the concept of waiting to someone whose concept of gratification consists of having his birthday presents and cake like-right-now. He has been telling everyone in advance that he is four! four! four!

About to be four has gotten specific about his birthday requests. These are:

a) papa and mommy to go to his nursery classroom
b) bearing cake
c) party bags for his friend
d) balloons

I have been fending non stop birthday related requests (CAKE! BALLOONS! ICE CREAM) so when G told me that we had been invited to his friend's birthday party, never mind that it was in swanky Orchard road apartment with lots of grown up genteel adults...this was a good chance to quench Shane's burning birthday desires. There will be CAKE right?

We pulled up at the Colonade. I've always marvelled at the architecture of the building and now I finally get a chance to go inside. We took the lift up 20 over stories. This was my first time meeting the host and birthday girl, Cheryl. The first thing I saw were cupcakes and cookies which Cheryl had baked herself. Not only do they look good, they taste good too. The crayolas stuffed themselves with cupcakes and went crazy on the sugar overload.

I noticed that Cheryl's boyfriend was relocating the wine glasses from the coffee table to locations impenetrable to the small people. Wise move. The loud music didn't bother Alix. She was busy weaving her way in and out of the large sofas looking for an electrical socket that she could play with.

By the time we had to go, fellow January birthday babes had connected. Cheryl read Shane's innermost desires and gave him more cake to go.

Happy birthday Cheryl! For someone to open that gorgeous apartment to us and the little people must be a) out of their mind b) doing it for the first time c) incredibily generous and big hearted. You made a little boy very happy. May the creamy goodness and sweetness of a thousand cupcakes follow you always.


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