Friday, December 22, 2006

Through the looking glass

I took the week off before Christmas so that I could soak in the festivity of the holidays. It was literally soaking wet in Orchard road due to heavy rains. I walked around the Hilton en route to Toys R Us at Forum Galleria. Was imagining an alternate reality of what life would be like if I was a tai tai doing my usual daily rounds - sending my child for enrichment at Forum Galleria and shopping in designer boutiques. Watching the rain pour as I sip a latte slowly from the al fresco portion of Coffee Bean. After that, I made my way to Wheelock and imagined what it would be like to book an appointment at the nail bar. Laughing at the overpricedness of it all and how boring and empty that would become on a daily basis.

Until I was annoyed to find, a scrap booking shop on the second floor nestled between the overpriced nail and facial bars. Annoyed because, of all the things that I saw that day, this was the ONE thing that I would die for to do. I stopped to observe a live scrap booking class. Before my eyes, the insult! They were given free run of gorgeous paperie in all manner of colours. They were using special scissors to cut eleborate edges on the paper. One of them, was musing what manner of font she should use for her photo captions. When the class ended, they packed up their craft material into cute bags with custom made pockets to organise their craft material.


My leave ends tomorrow as I return to work and a reality of paperwork which pays the bills. But somewhere in my dreams, a fantasy version of myself is in that scrap booking shop working on paperie which does not pay the bills.

Wishing everyone, a fantasy Christmas and a very happy new year.


Anonymous sesame said...

Hey Carrie, have a merry x'mas and if I don't get you, a happy new year with your family too!

11:45 AM  

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