Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bollywood Queen

The All Shapes gym that I go to held its first annual D&D. The theme - Bollywood nite. I am not good at dolling up, neither do I have any clue how to dress up in Bollywood style but Maria, my next door neighbour who is one of Singapore's top bridal planners and make up artists totally sorted me out.

I went into Maria's bridal studio in my shorts and T shirt and emerged. Bollywood Queen.

This was my handsome date.

I want to include photos of my posse of exercise friends, but am not able to because most of them are conservative head scarf wearing Muslims. The party kicked off once the last male catering staff left the function room.

"Ladiees, you can take off your head scarf now!"

Maria did such a great job transforming me, I was selected out of 80 women at the dinner party to be one of the 20 contestants for the title of Bollywood queen. When my name was called, I walked on stage and had to catwalk in my outfit.

Sashay. Sashay. There was no inhibition. The women there had seen me at my worst. Sweaty in the gym, straining through ab classes with no abs to speak of.

From 20, they eliminated to final 5. I was in the 5! I was more interested in wolfing up the gado gado but they made me dance on stage again to Hindi music. With no talent there, I didn't make it to the final 3. But still. It was truly a night to remember for life.

I had LONG TRESSES, people. Maria affixed a hair piece which gave me these long brown curls which draped on my left shoulder.

Some of the women took the mick.
"You look like a movie star. Can I have your signature?"

The funniest thing was when people who knew sat next to me, didn't know who I was until I opened my mouth to say something. Their mouths dropped when they realised it was me.

I was just attending a dinner. But through the makeover magic, I felt like a celebrity attending a Bollywood gala to receive an award.

Several women got up on stage to share about their weight loss. There was laughter and tears all around, for what is Bollywood without these elements?

The most valuable memory from that night was the Oprah affirming moment, when our trainer took the stage and talked about why she went into women's fitness. It was to help women with their weight.

"Weight" she said "is not a number. It is how good you feel about yourself."

Thank you All Shapes. I'm feeling much better.


Anonymous sesame said...

Interesting look you have there! Whoo hoo...Hindi Queen! The last time I ever had a costume party, it was the theme Arabia Nights. The costumes were interesting but the makeup and headgear not as elaborate as yours.

2:18 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

Thanks Sesame. Only reason I put the pic up is because it disguises what I look like in real life. Maybe you can share photos of your costumes from your arabian night? Wld love to see them.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Crazy Mum said...

Very Glam!!!!!
Can DIe!!!!!
I also want!!!!

5:57 AM  

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