Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Matthew

My nephew, Matthew turns 3 today. I have only seen photos of him because he lives in North Carolina - in the southern part of the USA. My sister and her husband who is a cardiologist moved to the USA several years ago to further his medical training.

Now, I don’t know much about North Carolina. Someone told me that there are lots of wheat fields. So I imagine, my nephew sitting in a wheat field and my sister hanging her clothes on an outdoor clothes line. But that’s just my imagination. The internet tells me that North Carolina has more than 8 million people. It has one of the fastest growing immigrant Asian populations. It is many times bigger than Singapore and it is mostly urbanized.

Mostly I’m still amazed how my sister does it. She manages her 2 sons and a 3500 sq ft house without additional help. I’ve seen her do this before. When I was 9 till uni, my sister who was the oldest child was given the responsibility of taking care of her three younger sibs. She practically raised us. She was instrumental in how I turned out.

Unlike me, my sister always had the study smarts. She was a straight A student. When I was in my final term in college, she made me accompany her to the law faculty library to study. She wanted the best for me and when I didn’t get a place in the Singapore law faculty, she encouraged me to pursue a law degree abroad. When I told her that I had apprehensions about studying the law because it was a difficult course meant for really smart people, she (who was already a practising lawyer) said this.

“Don’t worry, lots of STUPID PEOPLE practice the law.”


Happy birthday Matt! . I couldn’t wish on you a better birthday present than the one you got in the first day of his life – your mom, my sister.


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