Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wildlife encounters

Ever wake up in the morning not sure whether its a working day or not and being relieved that its a weekend day after all and you don't have to go to office?

Well, I woke up this morning, not quite sure which day it was. Upon realising it was Sunday, I thought to myself.... another working day. Which is what weekends are like. Hard work. I flex muscles which I don't use the entire working week and it shows. The tension headaches which follow after my eyes dart in all directions in order to keep an eye on the crayolas. They are so active - I get such good value for my daycare dollar.

I threw them out into the five foot way to let them run out their energy. All this activity has this single purpose in mind. Are you tired now? Want to nap?

We noticed some top soil was scattered on the floor next to one of the plants in the corner. A closer inspection revealed this.

A lizard or little reptile dug a little hole and was laying its eggs onto one of the flower pots! We didn't have to travel to Kuantan to see the turtles laying eggs. Wildlife egg laying was happening right in front of us.

This was the best shot I could get using the zoom function on my point and shoot. Too scared to go close.

The crayolas were fearless. They crouched near the pot and made a lot of noise observing the lizard laying the eggs. But the lizard didn't move at all from its spot. It was so focused on completing the job.

This is what we were watching.

If you think that this is an amazing wildlife encounter, on Saturday we had to call in a pest exterminator to remove a bee's hive which was growing on a wall near the roof. Grace saw it and brought my attention to it. She is always calm even when conveying alarming news.

"I show you something. Very dangerous."

The pest exterminator showed me a specimen of the bee after they removed the hive. He explained that it was a Malaysian bee. Larger than a normal honey bee, I asked the pest exterminator what happens if these type of bees sting you.

"You die lah."

Which explains why I had to use his services.


Anonymous sesame said...

You still dare to take picture? The other day I was withdrawing cash from the ATM machine and a lizard was hovering above. I almost ran away without taking my card!

Btw, noticed that you now post pix. Last time you never did. Your kids are cute!

2:57 AM  
Blogger carrie said...

Hey ses - I just got my first computer. I happen to like lizards but rodents and birds, not getting close.

12:58 AM  

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