Friday, November 10, 2006

A nutcracking time

It was time to set up the tree. The fake tree with blinking lights which would make us feel all warm and oozy with the spirit of Christmas.

The wooden ornaments from the $2 shop were duly assembled.

The theme? A russian nutcracker ballet. But we were true to our roots. The tree, lights and ornaments were entirely made in China.
A few tips:
1. Start with the lights
2. Then the background
- baubles and silvery strings
3. The foreground is last
- ornaments

We were so eager to do the silvery strings and the ornaments, we did the lights last and had a hard time stringing them without messing up the ornaments which were already hung.

Not bad for a first attempt?


Anonymous ivn said...

It looks wonderful!

8:54 AM  

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