Sunday, December 17, 2006

A genteel party

The tables were set. For 7 adults and 6 little people.

The genteel hosts.

The great thing about having friends over for a meal is that they will cheer in approval at any food that you present so long as its home made. The shepard's pie looked liked the real thing. The rehearsal helped. But nothing incited whoops of delight like the children's centrepiece. Doesn't it look out of this world, like it landed from outer space? Hey its actually a cabbage, used as a pin cushion to pierce the cocktail sausage, quails eggs and cheese cubes.
We recycled the third used pinata, a pony by wrapping toilet paper around the cavities which were previously beaten out of it. Without having seen the pinata yet, a mom, noted as a word of advice to us all.

"We don't choose ponies, cats, animals as pinatas in case the children get the idea that its ok to hit animals. We usually get a flower, star or non animal object."
Right there and then, in the pent up frustration to wield violence on the pinata which would yield the sweets falling out, Shane yelled.


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