Monday, January 01, 2007

car fumes and fireworks

This is what alone on New Year makes you do.

After the crayolas fell asleep, I tip toed into the kitchen and made a load of ham sandwiches (ham leftover from Christmas) and made my way to Sentosa. My east coast massage buds were ringing in the new year on siloso beach. G was away working.

The jam started once the van hit the ECP and we snail crawled up benjamin sheares bridge. We ended up on the top of the bridge at midnight. Without planning, I got front row seats to the fireworks display. The jam made it happen. The cars started horning loudly and continuously at 12. There was an open-top lorry which held a family of more than ten next to us. Their cheers when the fireworks started was the opposite of my fouling mood. I rolled down the windows off the van to yell happy new year. After that the window mechanism went kaput so the window wouldn't roll up. I inhaled the collective fumes of 10,000 cars jammed on the bridge. I was feeling pretty ill and I wasn't sure which factor was contributing more to it a) fireworks and car horns b) car fumes inhalation c) van starting and stopping in the jam and d) being thousands of miles away from the person I really want to ring in the new year with.

On Siloso, massage beds and the company of Ivan.

He does massage with angel wings.

There were foam pits but I stayed far away. I made my way to a bunch of people dancing to brazillian samba drums and danced ackwardly. It felt ackward too. Assured myself I am much cooler like, when I am not dancing and trying to be a beach partygoer.

After watching the weird and wonderful sights for 2 hours, I headed back. Alix had woken up and was still crying when I got in. As I raced up and picked her up warm as a puppy, I thanked God for the normal in my life and Grace who kept watch while I went dancing in my beach slippers. Sometimes it takes an escape so that you can could honestly know, I am much better off at home.


Blogger Crazy Mum said...

havoc stylo mylo. go sentosa foam party all. happening.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Arthur said...

Hi Carrie,

Just want to let you know that Danielle says 'Hi'. She asked about Shane today and wondered if he could visit her in New Zealand. She still thinks about Shane and mentions him now and again. Hope all is well. God bless, Arthur

10:48 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

Crazy mum - you who had a far more happening life than me pre letitia and who still has the most happening action packed days now.
Arthur - Shane misses danielle so much he still makes up stories about things he does with her in the present. "today, danielle wanted my blankie so i shared it with her." Thanks for staying in touch. Happy new year.

11:44 AM  
Blogger tiff said...

Happy New Year carrie!! Looks like you were partying where the fun was at!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Pastamania73 said...

damnnedchinatownlawyer is up!!!!

8:36 AM  

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