Sunday, September 18, 2005

The best antidote for working mother guilt is to spend some solo time with your kids over the weekend. Then, you can see all their 'patterns' and understand why you CAN'T STAND to be with them all the time.

Oh yeah shane,

Climb on your sister's diapered butt with your diapered butt just as she starts to crawl and go "yee hah! yee hah!".

Demand to be bought a spongebob battery lantern and diss that in favour of the traditional paper lanterns because hey, a chance to play with FIRE!

Refuse to eat dinner at grandma's in favour of yen yen biscuits. Now everyone knows I feed you junk.

Defy attempts to potty train you by throwing all your blocks into the pot and refuse to sit on it because hey, its a pot and that's where you cook!