Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear cable provider

You know who you are because you hold the monopoly of cable provision in Singapore.

This may be a little early but all I want for Christmas is CABLE.

I’ve been asking for this since 2002, first politely:
“please, we wish to request for cable”

You said that it was not cost feasible and that I would have to wait indefinitely. It has been 3 long years now without cable.

3 long years without crystal clarity of tv reception. In case you've forgotten what its like to rely on those rabbit ear antenna things, this is what I live with:

a) Only free to air channels.
b) Shadowy fuzzy images.
c) When the wind blows, reception gets cut off.

Lately, I’ve been getting increasingly desperate with my appeals. You have heard me rant like a cable deprived psychopath. You may have even started to avoid my calls.

“Do you know what it is like to live without the children’s channel!? To be THAT mom who has to perpetually entertain her kids with wholesome activity instead of plonking them in front of the tv?”

I hardly watch TV now but that isn't the point. I've started to fight for something and I can't stop now.

You see, all I want for Christmas is cable.