Thursday, October 13, 2005

Between now and eternity

When Alix entered the world on 31 January 2005, I cried tears of joy.

Today I cried again, afraid that something would take her away.

Her fever started on 3 October. It was a low grade fever so I monitored her condition until 6 October when I brought her the polyclinic. They did a blood test ruling out dengue.

“It is probably a viral fever” the doctor said.

On 10 October, they tested her blood again.

“Not entirely clear, we’ll test her again on 13 October and if she’s ok we’ll do her last round of immunisation.”

Today, they tested her blood for the third time. I was quite peeved that she had her blood drawn 3 times. But this is the polyclinic, I trust them to know what is best.

“White blood cells high. Red blood platelets have shot up. We have to review her again.”

The doctor tried to be helpful. He showed me the scores which showed that her blood platelets had exceeded the normal indication.

“What does this mean?”

“We will have to test her again on Saturday 15 October. This is probably a reaction. We could be in a window of recovery, but if it continues to spike up we have to go for further tests.”

“Further tests for what?”

“We check for the possibility of other blood diseases”

15 October is 48 hours away. It stretches ahead like an eternity. For the past hour I have googled ‘blood platelets increasing' as if by naming the monster, I will be ready for battle.

Between the blood tests, worrying does nothing.

At the same time, I hope that I’m worrying too much for nothing.


Blogger tiff said...

i hope she's alright ... poor little thing.

6:56 PM  
Blogger carrie said...

Thanks tiff.

7:57 PM  
Blogger budgirl95 said...

I don't know you - just browsing - you and Alix are now in my prayers - i hope all is well with you and your little one.

10:04 PM  
Blogger katz said...

Laich said that a high platelet count alone is not usually a significant indication in children. I know how it is to be anxious about a wee one. Read Phillipians 4:6-7. God knows what we need - His eye is on the sparrow.
Email me your phone no. when you can.

5:09 AM  

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