Sunday, November 27, 2005

Free Ticket

Gary flies the Airbus 340-500. This magificent bird goes non-stop from Singapore to New York in 18 hours. He flies this route twice a month. Sometimes to LA. But always to the US. Everytime he comes back, he tells me stories about the city, the friends he's made, the places he's seen.

Shane is almost three. He hasn't seen the world outside of Katong. Every morning, he takes the bus to nursery and in the evenings, we hang out at home. Sometimes, we go for an outing to the neighbourhood park, shopping centre or library. The kampung boy's attire: sandals, shorts and tshirts.

When Gary first mooted the idea of bringing Shane to New York, I was against it:

a) Shane will surely freeze. He has never worn closed toed shoes or pants, or shirts with long sleeves.

b) 13 hour time difference!

c) 18 hours on the plane!

d) It won't be a vacation

e) How about Alix?

Then, the most compelling reason to go to New York with Shane presented itself.

"If you don't go, you will waste the FREE TICKET." (SIA gives each of us a free ticket every year).

The idea of losing that free ticket emboldened me with a new courage:

a) I purchased in a hurry, a basic winter wardrobe for Shane - Coat, ski pants, sweater. Barney closed toed shoes.

b) Left Alix in the trusted care of my mom and Grace.

c) Sterilised the Avent Manual.

The little boy man went with us to New York.

Because of that Free Ticket.


Blogger tiff said...

hey carrie, so how was new york? was it great? i want to go back there again soon ... this time in winter. Did Shane like it?

7:26 PM  
Blogger katz said...

Now that you've been emboldened to make the long trip, next time why don't you hop on a short hour long trip from NYC to Greensboro, NC to come see us? The two boys are waiting. They can show a real steam-engined Thomas the Train to Shane.

7:18 AM  

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