Saturday, October 15, 2005

Red door

First up, Alix is ok. Thanks everyone for prayers and concern.

At KK, they channeled me to the red door.

"Go to the red door. The doctor will see your baby rightaway."

A big kindly looking doctor wearing blue overalls appeared.

"Her blood platelets...."

"Forget about that. Is she feeding well? Seems to be happy?"

"She drinks twice in the day. 3 or 4 ounces and nurses in the night.
Her appetite is surpressed because of the flu so she doesn't eat as much."

"She's fine. Her blood indications are fine. This is a reaction to the virus that she's recovering from. Her blood marrow will increase. Normally, we don't take these blood tests while they're recovering. The body has a way to normalise. You can go back. You don't have to register then you won't be charged."

Then I exited from the red door and ATE - the most delicious tasting chicken pie from the delifrance.

Hello world! This is Alix and she's well!

I went to the polyclinic because the private GP I first saw wanted to refer her to the paedetrican to get a chest x ray. I felt that she didn't need one. Her chest seemed clear. The poly doctor confirmed that her chest was clear. Then, the blood tests started. Firstly, to rule out dengue then there were four of them, each one increasing the level of anxiety.

Many thoughts raced in my mind throughout this episode. I imagined the worst. My dad was well just last year in March. Then it was confirmed. Cancer. By September, he had slipped away.

So I negotiated with God.

You can take my bank account. You can take my house. I'll stop working if need be. Just don't take Alix.

I'm not angry that I experienced high anxiety. The doctors were trying to be safe. The need to cling on God and the health care system never weighed on me so heavily and so unexpectedly. So I've promised myself to do the following:

Dedicate Alix to God.
Get very comprehensive medical insurance.


Blogger budgirl95 said...

I am so happy - I bet that was the best chicken pie ever - I've actually cried over your blog tonight - it is amazing - the love between a child and a mother who loves her so much - what a lucky girl

11:34 PM  
Blogger tiff said...

that's great news!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous ying said...

glad Alix is recovering well! time for you to take a good break too (& celebrate Alix's truimph)!!!

2:41 AM  

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