Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cable on my mind

As the excavator makes its tired last rounds along our street and the dust starts to settle we are standing at the cusp of a new day.

Without cable, media players in our home have been stuck in a time warp. There was no point getting a larger screen tv when we had crap reception. The 14 inch CRT from Gary’s old room (circa 1992) did the basic job of delivering the fuzzy free to air channels. The 14 inch lived in our family room and faithfully delivered the evening news at 9.30 and Shane’s cartoon DVDs.

We get Malaysian channels on free to air too. Clearer than Singapore channels. RTM 3 delivered the Filipino soap at 3 pm for Grace’s viewing pleasure everyday.

Without broadband, we’ve held out purchasing a home computer. How do I update this blog? Its your guess.

I see the 24 international channels. E entertainment! The Disney Channel! Much as I want cable, I’m wistful about the life we might leave behind:

Watching the World Cup at the 24 hr bak chor mee shop alongside the bookies and taxi drivers.

Evenings out on the five foot way when Shane’s DVDs were stale from overplay watching the parade of dogs go by.

Watching so little TV, that a date night is watching CSI, ER and actually being grateful for the free to air offerings we have.

Most of all, I am going to miss the advocacy and ability to speak as one of the disadvantaged and left out. I’ll miss sending out a random angry letter to the cable provider and crank calling the cable guy whose number I now know by heart.

What will I fight for now that I have no TV antenna?