Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve


In an hour, a good friend who is going away for 2 months is bringing her fish to me. Six fish with a bottom feeder. Just because I have kids, people assume I can take care of small creatures (not!). I tell her that I am really bad with fish and that they have very limited life span under my watch. That they will surely die and she must not feel bad or ask for them back. She tells me that its ok, its ok if they die and she will not feel bad. I don't know how this is any better than flushing them down the toilet but the fish will be delivered to me in an hour - the hospice for abandoned fish.

Cat Recollections

Obviously people have faith in my animal rearing ability despite my bad track record. Earlier in the year, my brother brings me his fat cat, Chloe because he is going to the States for 2 weeks for training. He arrives with a large litter box and a pack of dry food and snacks and a tshirt bearing his scent. Chloe runs under my sofa and pisses on his lap when he tries to comfort her. She is soo scared. For the next 2 weeks, Chloe pines for my brother in my house losing weight even though we lay out lots of food for her. I rationalise that the weight loss is healthy for her. 2 weeks passes by too slowly. My brother returns and as I watch her reunite (happy meows and affectionate purrings) and as she piles into the car with my is as tearjerking as seeing an orphaned child returned to her parents she thought were dead but were not actually.

Clearing out my wardrobe

I end the year with a happy story about my wardrobe. It was a big mess so I tried to organise it into neat piles today. Its funny how your wardrobe can tell you a story about what's happened in your year. I tried on my old pair of Levi's faded jeans which I couldnt fit in at the start of 2008 and due to running, it now fits. For a change I put aside clothes which had become too large instead of too small. I also packed in a neat pile, my new clothes - dri fit tops, running shorts, swimming cap.

That's just a reflection on what's on my mind today and also, I wanted to wish everyone who has been giving me encouraging comments and just being there, a very happy new year.

Postcript Jan 1 - one fish died today.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr Andrea Bocelli will you do house call?

Mr Bocelli: And they lived happily ever after.
Elmo: Aw, that was a nice story.
Mr Bocelli: Hey Elmo, time to close your eyes and go to sleep.
Elmo: Aw, Mr Andrea Bocelli does Elmo have to?
Mr Bocelli: Elmo, we had a story, a song, its late and you must be slee-py.
Elmo: Elmo isn't sleepy. Elmo wants some water and another story. Elmo's eyes are open wide awake and Elmo doesn't feel so snory!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first 10k

A strange out of body experience happened over the last 13 weeks. I got abducted by a UFO - the exercise aliens who switched my earthly body (which never went beyond 2.4km) for a new one.

Well, that’s what it feels like confronting the new me, who likes to run! If you had a camera panning how hard I trained the past few weeks, I would not recognize myself....but crossing that 10k finish on 7 December 2008 in that turquoise tank top size L and running shorts revealing my fair and meaty arms and legs, you only had to see in my sweat streaked face, that this was really, one of those moments which makes me want to break out into that theme song from Greatest American Hero.

As I ran, I thought about the female heroes who have lifted me at times when I was down - Jinn, my sister in the US who I am missing this Christmas and Min, my running partner who ran with me throughout this journey even though she's much faster.

My cheerleader and sporting apparel consultant who still looks great in tight jeans, Gary and the crayolas for providing the most compelling reason to get off my ass.

As well as the other sistas who have kept me inspired along the way.

And the plate of char kway teow at the end of the rainbow.

Sing with me!

Look at what's happened to me
I can't believe it myself
Suddenly I'm on top of the world
It should've been somebody else

Believe it or not
I’m walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free eee eee
Flying away on a wing and a prayer
Who could it be?
believe it or not, its just me! – Greatest American Hero