Wednesday, January 09, 2008

pass the donut please

Was it all the festive feasting?

Or was it my sis in law's snap into her pre pregnancy figure 3 months after delivery?

Or was it just wanting to recapture that first flush of being young and in love?

(this is really an excuse to post photos of my bro's new gf. In her hand, she is holding a vodka bottle.)

I slept in for the countdown this year and woke up on new year's day with an

craving for


Huh, huh that wasnt actually too far from the truth.

It must have been new year madness, but I wanted to get me a treadmill. Yup, one of those things that you overpay for then slowly watch it become a very bulky clothes hanger.

I found something off ebay. Something which was going off at a steal because the guy who had it, stopped using it. While we negotiated the price, he petted his belly to prove to me that it hardly been used.

My wife bought it for me 6 monts ago so that I would lose weight, but as you can see I did not lose any weight.

Its arriving in 2 days time, then I'll provide you with live updates on whether the spirit or fleshy flesh prevails. Worst case situation it becomes another one of those failed new year resolutions which find its way to Cash Converters.