Sunday, January 25, 2009

places we will not go together

I've noticed that older married couples are ok about going on separate holidays. The husband goes overseas for a golfing trip, the wife goes to HK for a shopping trip with her girlfriends.

It comes with years of acknowledging the separateness of one's likes and dislikes and having a comfort level with that, I guess.

Since my fitness has improved and I agreed with my running friend that we would climb Kinabalu after our 10k, I've started to research into mountain climbing and places to go if you are into nature trails. There are so many beautiful untouched places if you are into that sort of thing.

I didn't know if Gary would go with me one day. So I asked. We had never talked about it before.

Me: I'm just asking to find out if there is a possibility of us going on an trekking holiday somewhere, like Nepal. The capital is Kathmandu right? SIA flies there direct.

Gary: .....

Me: If that's too much, how about Malaysia? Taman Negara.

Gary: As to the former, I will not enjoy the smell of horse manure. As to the latter, I do not fancy the idea of being bitten by mosquitoes. To add insult to injury, to pay good money to have to go through that!

LOL. I love it when he speaks his mind.