Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cable update

At 3 am, I heard the crash and thunder of a large heavy vehicle making its way slowly to our home. The loud sound went on for 15 minutes then I heard its engine shudder to a stop.

Could it be?

I got out off bed and walked downstairs. In the moonlight, I saw an excavator parked outside my house. I did the happy dance in my pyjamas.

Its still early days. The tunneling works are going on right now. The cables will need to be laid and it will take 2 more weeks before we obtain crystal clarity of tv reception.

Ask me a week ago and I would have cussed and sweared as I told you about the fuzzy flickering reception of our 14 inch CRT. Now that the excavator is parked outside, it is delicious foreplay watching the dumpy 14 inch knowing full well, that it will be ditched in favour of a handsome hi def.

And boy, am I excited.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

In the living room:

Shane: Don’t love Alix
Me: Who is Alix’s mummy?
S: Outside [he points to the door]
M: No, I AM Alix’s mummy. But I love you two times [kiss, kiss] and I love Alix one time [kiss] ok?
S: ok

Just before bedtime in Shane’s room:

S: Don’t love Alix
M: How many times can I love Alix?
S: Two times [he shows me two fingers]
M: How many times do I love Shane?
S: Three times [three fingers]. I’m hungry, I want to eat biscuit.
M: Go down to the kitchen with Aunty Grace. I’ll put Alix to sleep.

Alix falls asleep, A short while later, Shane stumbles into bed.

M: Shane?
[He nods]
M: I love you three times
S: ok

Monday, June 05, 2006

Part 5 - Resolution

We were out priced, out bid and eliminated. Apartments around Dunearn Road cost upwards of a mil for anything 1000 sq ft and up. Unless we wanted to live in a shoe box, there wasn’t anything affordable. HDB flats in Bukit Timah? None at all.

I didn’t have any other ideas so I started railing at the unfairness created by the proximity rule – wouldn’t it just be the rich kids then? The crayolas will be better in another school near my home. They will receive a more rounded education in a non-socially stratified learning environment.

Then something happened. It wasn’t as dramatic as selling our house and buying another one.

It wasn’t parent 'volunteerism'.

I found out that I qualified for membership to the school alumni. As part of the old girl and old boy network, we were still in the game. The system which made me initially panic, scheme and later, rail against social injustice now worked to my own advantage. There was no more ugly wrangling, so I sat pretty.


The other day, I met a school canteen operator. She worked in a neighbourhood school. I asked her about the situation in there. Is it true that there are gangsters and the teen students fight?

She started to tell me about how a group of 15 year old girls started a fight due to a staring incident in the canteen. They started throwing soup at each other and tore at each other’s shirts.

I cackled long and hard. Maniacal laughter.

She was surprised that I found it so funny. It wasn’t THAT funny.

I laughed because I felt so SMUG. In the survivor jungle of primary one registration, we had a) averted elimination b) played the game with no ethics c) served self interest and d) acquired the secret immunity idol (membership of the alumni).

There was a time when I swore I wouldn't return to my schooling roots once I left it. I was in the last class, an outsider and didn't really fit. I remember fist fights, breaking classroom windows and wanting out.

But becoming a mom and finally, competing in this jungle has changed this.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ring! Ring!


“Hi, this is Mary the housing agent. I want to arrange a viewing for you. 2500 sq feet. This is a good size. Only 1.7 million.”


“It’s a good buy.”

[That's what they always say. Good buy. Good buy. Its supposed to add value to my decision making. You know. Good buy.]

“Sorry, I’m busy now [not]. Its above our budget. GOODBYE.”

“Yes, it’s a GOOD BUY!!!”