Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I believe in teachers

Since the crayolas were practically infants, they've attended daycare for most of their waking hours in a large black and white bungalow attached to a big green field. In that big green field surrounded by a large perimeter fence, 60 kids can easily run amok without running into danger. Most of the day they are in non-airconditioned premises. This also lessens the spread of viruses. I liked that it was run-down, kampung and dreamy. But like all old things in Singapore, it will be soon be torn down.

The only thing which is making me stay are the teachers.


Dear Eileen, June and Fiona

Earlier this month, I attended the briefing on the renovations to be done to Arthur Road. In 6 months, the old black and white structure will be no more. In its place, a modern structure with a sheltered drop off area, air conditioned classrooms with the latest teaching equipment and a rubber play area. The parents shared similar concerns - the dust and noise caused by the construction. Would daily activities continue as normal? Would fees be increased?

I kept quiet. The building was after all, badly in need of refurbishment. But a totally brand new learning experience? I wanted the old one. As a parent, I am fearful of any change which would shake the secure foundations that Shane and Alix grew up in.

I asked myself:
With renovation noise, possibly higher fees and a smaller green field, what is stopping me from fleeing to another daycare?

The reason I’m staying is this. It is because of you. The steady and assuring care that has seen me through the best and the worst. Fever, HFMD, kid tantrums, first steps and butterfly kisses. Far beyond just caring. Far beyond the ABCs - you have nourished Shane and Alix’s spirit, deepened the dimples on their cheeks, wiped up their tears and lavished your love.

There is so much that I have to be thankful for. From being a first time parent standing at the threshold of the infant room terrified and unsure about:

a) returning to work
b) entrusting my infant son to daycare
c) whether I could make parenting work while working full time
d) having no other external support

I have learned that when you send a prayer out for help, God sends angels in the shape of teachers.

Even as the bulldozers come in and the construction piles destroy the solid ground on which Shane and Alix learned to walk, then run and play, you are the safe and secure foundations in which I place my trust.

Thank you for always being there.